It is said that, every day, Bhagavan Krishna used to walk in the gardens and say to all plants: I love them!

All the plants were very happy and also got used to thanking: Krishna, we love you too!

One day, however, Sri Krishna, very alarmed, entered those gardens. Realizing His affliction, a bamboo asked Him: Lord, what's wrong?

Bhagavan replied: I have a very difficult request!

The bamboo replied: Tell me, Lord, that if I can, I will be very pleased to assist you.

Sri Krishna then said to him: I must cut him off.

The bamboo reflected for some time and replied: Does the Lord have no other choice? Is there no other way out?

The Bhagavan replied: No, there is no other way out.

Even without fully understanding what was going on, the bamboo said to him with conformity: Yes, sir. So, I give myself to You.

Sri Krishna then cut the bamboo, cut it and made some deep wounds on it. With each movement, the bamboo staggered in pain.

After all the process, the bamboo realized that the Bhagavan had made him his precious flute. Since that day, he has never left the company of the Blessed Lord.

Even the Gopis (devotees of Krishna), observing that, felt neglected. Realizing that the Lord used to spend all His time in the company of that flute, they decided to question the flute: the Lord is always with you! Tell us the secret of it!

The satisfied bamboo told them: the secret is to be empty inside.

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