What is “Drone” in the musical sense?

Drones are sounds of harmonic or monophonic effects, in which the note or chord sounds continuously creating an atmosphere of resonance with the flute as long as it is propagated in harmonic tones with the fundamental note that will be played on the flute. A drone effect can be achieved through sustained sound or by repeating a note. Most of the time it establishes a tone on which the rest of the piece is built. A drone can be instrumental, vocal, or both. The drone (both instrumental and vocal) can be placed in different bands of the polyphonic texture: in the lowest part, in the highest part or in the middle. The drone is most often placed on the tonic or dominant. The tonic or fundamental note of the native flute is usually the key of tuning (root note), so if for example, playing a flute tuned to A (There), you can choose a drone in the tone of A (There). It is also important to choose the drone at the same tuning frequency as your flute, we are currently producing drones tuned to A 440 hz and A 432 hz.

There are double or triple flutes that have a tube with the function of a drone, there are instruments that do this function too, such as the bagpipe, the shruti box, the lid, the harmonium, etc ... In India it is very common to use these instruments to sustain and structure the general tuning base to create a resonant atmosphere for singers and flutists.

I am creating drones and adding them periodically to our playlists so that you can enjoy this magic, play, play, sing, spontaneously manipulate and use them without limit for free. But as described above, if you are going to test a drone with a flute, remember to choose the playlist that corresponds to the tuning frequency of your flute, being 432 or 440 hz, as well as the key note. For example if your flute is tuned to Lá (A) 440 hz - use the playlist that contains the information “A 440”, and so on, if you are going to play a flute whose key of the flute (key of tuning note) or key improvisation is C and the instrument is tuned to A 432 hz, choose the playlist that contains “C 432”.

The term Drone in music has to do with musical bases, something like a fill, an atmosphere or ideal environment to relax, meditate and create a musical improvisation with songs and flutes. You will be able to play a flute using these bases, conduct a meditation, tell a story, do a sound healing session, and holistic therapies or all of this on a single looping basis.

Each tone carries an energy and the resonance of this vibration can be received and perceived in different ways for each person, to enjoy the sound quality, we recommend using a good headphone or good quality speaker. Experiment and observe what it feels like to meditate on each of these vibrations, observe what sensation, emotion, feeling of humor and images you perceived, where in the body you felt resonance, unravel the geography of your inner tuning.

To play a flute with the drone, and feel the power of the resonance, first know what the tone of your improvisation or the tuning of the instrument will be, in the title of the playlist and for each base your general tone is described.

440 hz playlist:

432 hz playlist:


Musical Drone Base 1


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