The Abuelos Flute - Harmonics is one of the oldest wind instruments. Known in the Andes as the Flute of the Abuelos (grandparents) because it is played cad the elders of the village and communicates with the ancestral spirits. This flute has no holes, is constructed with a long narrow barrel and a whistled mouthpiece. The quality of this whistle and the way it blows emit tones of the harmonic series corresponding to the tuning of the root note, combining melodies with intervals of octaves, fifths and thirds.


The Abuelos flute is a flute without holes for musical notes, it has a whistle and the notes are produced only with variations of breath, producing harmonic tones of the fundamental note. We produce the harmonic flute in 5 tunings, C (DO), B (SI) bass, A (LA) bass, G (SOL) bass and F (FA) bass), with C being the shortest flute in length and tonality. high and the flute in F is the major flute with a lower key.  


The bamboo selected for these flutes is of high acoustic quality, with internodes and medium thickness. The bamboos are cad in the shade for 6 months, treated and sealed to withstand time and variations in humidity and temperature. In addition to protection against fungi. The mouthpiece of the flutes is produced in the bamboo itself. This flute has a front whistle which makes it much easier to produce sound like a recorder.


All flutes receive non-toxic varnish (Indian shellac) and colored protective threads that can be chosen on the flute page. Choose a tuning and on the flute page you can choose the wire colors. We don't produce in quantity, we create the flute for YOU, with full attention to sound quality.

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