The Pueblo Style Flute is a tribute to the people who lived in the Chaco Canyon region, northern New Mexico, the site of the ruins was named by the Pueblo Bonito expedition, where some rim blow flutes (Rim Blow) were found in excavations carried out in the last decade cad the 19th century.

We produce the Pueblo style flute in three variations: Anazasi, Mojave and Hopi. The three flutes are Rim Blow uprights made of bamboo with 5 or 6 holes that allow you to easily assemble the major and minor pentatonic scale. Its embo cad is similar to the Japanese Shakuhachi flute that allows you to perform micro tonal subtleties, blow harmonics and play the second octave. These flutes are inspired by the ancient flutes of the North Amerindian peoples.  


The Pueblo flute is produced in 3 variations, the 6-hole Pueblo Anazasi flute tuned to G Bass (SOL3), the 5-hole Pueblo Hopi flute tuned to B Bass (SI3) and the 6-hole Mojave flute tuned to B Bass (SI3).




The bamboo selected for these flutes is of high acoustic quality, with internodes and thick thickness. The bamboos are cad in the shade for 6 months, treated and sealed to withstand time and variations in humidity and temperature. In addition to protection against fungi. The mouthpiece of the flutes is produced in bamboo itself in the shape of the Shakuhachi mouthpiece.


All flutes receive non-toxic varnish (Indian shellac) and colored protective threads that can be chosen on the flute page. Choose a tuning / model and on the flute page you can choose the wire colors. We don't produce in quantity, we create the flute for YOU, with full attention to sound quality.

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