The transverse flutes are simple and powerful wind instruments with a great range of notes, they do not have a mouthpiece, the reed is blown directly from a boulder cad over a hole. It is a very old and popular instrument all over the world, it can be made of bone, wood, bamboo or metal, cad region and culture has developed its types of transverse flutes with varied names and scales, but in general, the native scale of the transverse flute it is the largest natural, like the fife in Brazil or Bansuri and India. The scale can vary according to the number of holes... From the 19th century, metal transverse flutes were included as a component of the symphony orchestra, but it is worth remembering that these "professional" concert transverse flutes are more elaborate instruments with high rigor and control of production and are not the focus of our work, which is artisanal and ethnic, we value manual art, natural materials and popular instruments. So here on the site when you read “transverse flute” , remember that we do not refer to the orchestra flute.

The bamboo transverse flute has a very pleasant sound, the sound quality and octave range will depend directly on the quality of the fit of the lips in the hole, blowing angle, pressure, etc.. which is defined by embo cad ura. Once the aspiring flutist has mastered the embo cad of the flute, it becomes easier to create music. As the sound and tuning depend directly on the quality of the cad , it is necessary for the luthier to have a good command of the subject to create a good flute.

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