Hanuman is a highly revered Hindu deity, known as the god of strength, courage and devotion. He is considered an avatar, or incarnation of the god of preservation – Vishnu. In history, Hanuman is known for his superhuman strength and his ability to fly. It is often associated with the breath because of its ability to control it to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. In some traditions, he is seen as a model of mindful breathing practice, like pranayama.

In some versions of Hindu mythology, Hanuman's father is Vayu, the god of wind and air. Vayu is considered the vital spirit that animates all living things and is responsible for breathing, movement and life. In other versions of the traditions, Hanuman is considered an avatar of Shiva or Vishnu, who would be his spiritual father. Vayu is also considered one of the Adityas, solar gods, and is associated with a variety of characteristics including strength, speed and agility.

Some mythological tales mention that Hanuman has absolute control over his breathing, being able to stop breathing for extended periods of time, which gives him strength and endurance to perform heroic tasks. Furthermore, his father Vayu is the god of air and breath, so his relationship with breathing is further strengthened.

There is a myth associated with Hanuman, in which he demonstrates his ability to control his breathing to achieve his goals. One of the most famous stories about Hanuman is that of his quest for the magical medicine to save Laksmana, the brother of Prince Rama. Rama is the avatar of Vishnu, the god of preservation and Hanuman is his devotee. Laksmana was injured during the fight against the demon Ravana and the medicine was on a distant island, Hanuman needed to cross a great ocean to reach it. To cross the ocean, Hanuman controlled his breathing and practiced pranayama, allowing him to leap over the waves and reach the island. This shows how he uses his breathing ability to overcome challenges and reach his goals.

There are no known legends or myths that describe Hanuman explaining the breath explicitly. However, he is seen as a model of mindful breathing practice. Furthermore, Hanuman is portrayed as a devout and wise character, and it is commonly thought that he would have knowledge about deep breathing and its importance for the body and mind, although there is no evidence or specific accounts of him teaching or explaining these concepts.

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