“After a big storm, a boy who was spending the holidays at his grandfather's house, went to the porch and asked:

– Grandfather, come here, please! Can you explain to me why in the middle of that storm that huge fig tree fell and this Bamboo, which is so weak, is still standing?

- Son, the bamboo remains standing because it had the humility to bow down in the time of the storm. The fig tree wanted to face the wind. Bamboo teaches us seven things. If you have his greatness and humility, you will experience the triumph of peace in his heart. See well:

The first lesson that bamboo teaches us, and the most important one, is humility in the face of problems and difficulties.

The second lesson: Bamboo puts down deep roots. It is very difficult to pull out a bamboo, because the size it has for the top, it has for the bottom too.

The third lesson: Have you ever seen a single bamboo plant? Only when he is young, but before he grows up, does he allow others to be born beside him, does he know that he will need them. They are always close to each other, so much so that from afar they just look like a tree. Many times we try to pull out a bamboo from inside, we cut it and we can't. Just like the most fragile animals that live in groups, so that they can get rid of predators.

The fourth lesson that bamboo teaches us is not to create branches. We waste a lot of time in life trying to protect our branches, which are nothing more than insignificant things that we value inestimably. To win, you have to lose everything that prevents you from going up smoothly.

The fifth lesson is that bamboo is full of knots. Since he is hollow, he knows that if he grew up without us he would be very weak. The nodes are the problems and difficulties we overcome. The nodes are the people who help us, those who are close and end up being our strength in difficult times.

The sixth lesson is that bamboo is hollow, empty of itself. As long as we don't empty ourselves of everything that steals our time, that takes away our peace, we won't be happy. To be hollow means to be ready to be full.

Finally, the seventh lesson that bamboo teaches us is that it only grows upwards. 🇧🇷

Lessons from Bamboo 1