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Videoconference training for you to develop your practice with native flutes from all tribes. Mentorship lasting 1 hour for each meeting, scheduled in advance.
Practical and intuitive approach.
See the summary program:

the instrument

  • flute anatomy
  • Posture and Breathing
  • “Footprint” Exercise
  • finger position
  • flute scale
  • Fingering: Highlighted vs On

The shape

  • scale exercises
  • scale ranges
  • passages in time
  • Joints and Intensities
  • Intervals and Jumps
  • vibrato

The movement

  • ornaments
  • Chromatic Scale
  • Melodic Structures
  • cadences
  • Arpeggios
  • Movements for Creation

Our training is focused on the holistic perception of musical awareness development. You will receive content based on intuitive experiences that have been adapted into a simple and profound language, anchored by an energetic, spiritual and therapeutic sense of vibrations of sound and music. So that you can get the most out of the process, we recommend that you create a daily habit of time and sacred space for this flute encounter. By establishing an intention and attention focused on discovering the voice of the instrument, you will simultaneously be assisted in discovering many possibilities to give voice to the unspeakable and nourish your spirit in a natural way.

You will receive support material to continue the training at your own pace.

Mentorship 1 X
80 BRL
Book a meeting via Videoconference

You choose the day and time on our agenda

Mentorship 4x
260 BRL
Book four meetings via Videoconference

You choose the day and time on our agenda

Quin zen ais meetings are good for assimilation of content.


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