Bansuri Bamboo Indian Special C (S) | G (P) Bass

Flauta Transversal – Bansuri bambu Indiano acabamento Natural C (S) | G (P) Bass

  • Western Tuning: G
  • Hindi tuning: Ç
  • Material: Indian Bamboo
  • Finishes: Treated bamboo, sealed, waxed threads.

Measurement chart

Made to order, average term of 90 days for production and shipping. Standard tuning (A: 440 hz), or you can request natural tuning (A: 432 hz). Artisanal production, with slight variations in relation to the photo.

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Default: 440 Hz | Optional: 432Hz

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I understand that I am buying a handmade instrument that will be created respecting the cycles of Nature and I agree to wait up to 90 working days to create and send this flute. I am aware that it will be created to order and the term starts on the payment date.

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