E-Book Native Flute (pdf)

Native Flute Handout (Digital format):

Booklet in digital format with 82 pages, edition updated in January 2024, available in Portuguese or English. In this booklet you will receive instructions to start and learn to play the Native American flute with a simple and practical approach, developed for people who have no musical theory. Schedule an online training here!

Summary Content Includes:

    • History of the Native American Flute
    • flute anatomy
    • Understanding the Scale in the “Pitch Class” system
    • Scale Exercises
    • Fingering and Breathing Styles
    • Melodic Patterns (Motifs)
    • Reading Time, Rhythm
    • Improvisation Cycles
    • Simplified music writing
    • 14 songs in tablature
    • 7 alternative scales/modes



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