Native American Style Flute – Ground Series – Natural – Bass

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Flauta Nativa Ashar – Ground Series – Native American Bass Style. Although hybrid cad ure (front and side).

  • Scale: Minor Pentatonic
  • Material: Rare Special Treated Bamboo
  • Finishes: special oils and natural lacquer varnish, waxed threads and leather.

This flute is made to order, especially for you! We ask for an average of 60 business days for production and shipping. 100% handmade flute and there may be quena variations in relation to the photo.

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Pattern: Flute Image | SEE MODELS

Standard: 440 Hz | Options: 432Hz or 442Hz

Default: B3

Pattern: 5 holes | Option: 6 holes

Default: Center SEE For flute with 6 holes the 3rd upper hole will be aligned proportionally. Example: “bottom right hand” the last hole will be aligned to the right and the 3rd upper hole will be aligned to the left.

Optional. VIEW COLORS Choose up to 3 colors. Enter below (Ex.: 1,2,3)

I understand that I am buying a handmade instrument and I agree to wait an average period of 60 working days for the creation and shipment of this flute.

International shipments are calculated on the checkout page by informing the country in the cad star field.

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