Native Ashar Flute - Classic Series - Native American Style

Native Ashar Flute - Classic Series - Native American Style (NAF) in Special Bamboo with wooden nozzle.

  • Scale: Minor Pentatonic
  • Material: Special Treated Bamboo
  • Block (totem): Wooden boa
  • Finishes: special painting, natural lacquer varnish, waxed threads and leather.
  • Average length .: H (L) 46cm, G (Sun) 48cm, F # (F #) 52cm, E (Mi) 55cm, D (D) 68cm, C (C) 70cm, B (Si) 76cm.

Made to order, delivery time from 30 to 180 days. Standard tuning (A: 440 hz), or you can request natural tuning (A: 432 hz). Artisanal production, with slight variations in relation to the photo.

$ 59.12

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Available to order

Standard: 440 Hz | Optional: 432Hz

Standard: LA (A4). LISTEN TO TUNES

Standard: 5 holes | Optional: 6 holes

Optional. Standard: Image of the Flute | VIEW MODELS

Optional. VIEW COLORS Choose up to 3 colors. Inform below (Ex .: 1,2,3)


Tuning key

Scale, 5 or 6 holes

Mouthpiece, mouthpiece

Models, art and energy

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