Flauta Transversal – Bansuri Bambu Especial Om

Flauta Transversal – Estilo Bansuri em bambu Especial gravada OM, acabamento castanho, mogno brilho laca natural

  • Scale: Natural Larger
  • Material: Special Treated Bamboo
  • Acabamentos: Bambu tratado, flambado e protegido com óleos especiais, fios encerados, tintura de preparos especiais tom castanho, mogno, verniz laca natural brilho, gravada.

Made to order, delivery time from 30 to 180 days. Standard tuning (A: 440 hz), or you can request natural tuning (A: 432 hz). Artisanal production, with slight variations in relation to the photo.

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