Medidative Ambient E – Mind (Drone Music)

Música Ambiente para Meditação E 440hz e 432hz – Mind (Drone Music)

Musical base in continuous tone for intuitive singing, instrumental solo, improvisation, meditation and therapeutic use.

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1 – Tuning in 440hz and 432hz for each track;
2 – Offline playback on any device;
3 – High quality files compatible and playable on any device;
4 – Looping to play for hours without distraction or advertising.

You will receive the link to download the high quality MP3 songs.

Unzip the file and copy the song (mp3) to a thumb drive or your smartphone. Press play and feel the sound, close your eyes and notice the atmosphere, relax, enter the music time, it will provide you with a clue to start playing or humming, when you feel comfortable, play your flute over this landscape. See your in your player has the option to put the track on looping, this will help you get out of Cronus' time and immerse yourself in meditation.

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Flauta Nativa Ashar
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