Abuelos Harmonics Flute – D

Harmonics Flute – Natural Bamboo D

The Overtone Flute is one of the oldest wind instruments. The flute has no holes, is constructed with a long narrow barrel and a whistled mouthpiece. The quality of this whistle and the way it blows emit harmonic tones from the root note, combining melodies with intervals of octaves, fifths and thirds.

  • Tuning: D (RE)
  • Approximate length: 56 cm
  • Material: Special Treated Bamboo
  • Finishes: Bamboo treated, flambéed and protected with special oils, natural lacquer, waxed threads.

Made to order, average lead time of 40 business days for production and shipping. Standard tuning (A: 440hz), or you can request natural tuning (A: 432hz). Handmade production, there may be quena variations in relation to the photo.

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