Ocean Vegan Model Drum

Oceano drum, vegan model, made of stamped vinyl membrane (does not use animal leather) and wooden frame. Comes with side protection tapes, handles and decorative shells.

2 cm thick rim, 3.5 cm high and optional diameters of 35, 40 and 50 cm.

40 days to ship.

$ 40.99


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SACRED DRUM for healing purposes has existed for at least 40,000 years in different cultures

The drum is sacred. Its round shape represents the entire universe, and its constant rhythm is the pulse, the heart, throbbing in the center of the universe, is the voice of Wakan Tanka (the Creator), and this sound agitates us and helps us to understand the mystery and the power of all things - Black Elk

Flauta Nativa Ashar - A Voz da Natureza!
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