Tito La Rosa and the Medicine of Flutes 1

Tito La Rosa and Flute Medicine

Tito La Rosa is a descendant of the Quechua Indians of the Peruvian Andes. For many years he has been rescuing and preserving, studying and intuiting Peru's ancestral music. He is also a “Curandero del Sonido”, a healer of sound, who enters an altered state to produce sounds that elevate, allowing healing and balance […]

The North American Indian Flute 4

The North American Indian Flute

Article inspired by the thesis of Judy Epstein Buss, on the presence of the Flute in the culture of the indigenous peoples of North America. This study provides an important link for understanding the traditional use of the flute and the music played by flutes in North American indigenous cultures. This thesis was written in 1977. The flute […]

Flauta Nativa Ashar
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