learn in your time with SOLO classes

Live online training to play native flute with individual classes scheduled in advance.
Classes of 40 to 60 minutes with a practical and intuitive approach.
You can choose which module you want to train!
See the short program:
Basic Module I
1 hour
Anatomy of the flute
Posture and Breathing
“Footprint” exercise
Finger position
Flute Scale
Fingering: Highlighted vs. Linked
Basic Module II
2 hours
Basic scale exercise
Advanced scale exercise
Passages in time
Joints and Intensities
Intervals and Jumps
Advanced Module III
2 hours
Christmas ornaments.
Chromatic Scale
Melodic Structures
Movements for Creation

Bonuses in each module

You will receive support material to train offline, with scale drawings, arpeggios, cadences, songs, as well as free audio bases for solar with his flute on a professional quality musical background, created in our studio.

Our training is focused on the holistic perception of the development of musical awareness. You will receive content based on intuitive experiences that have been adapted to a simple and profound language, anchored by an energetic, spiritual and therapeutic sense of the vibrations of sound and music. In order to make the most of the process, we recommend that you create a daily habit of time and sacred space for this meeting with the flute. By establishing an intention and attention focused on discovering the instrument's voice, simultaneously you will be assisted in discovering many possibilities to give voice to the unspeakable and nourish your spirit in a natural way.

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