The native flute circle is a 4-hour group experience that takes place regularly, usually one Sunday a month. This world flute circle is an excellent opportunity to practice, learn and teach. For those who already have a flute or even for those who don't have a flute.

The group is flexible and everyone is welcome

Come join and:

  • know the types and voices of flutes;
  • receive the first instructions with the flutes;
  • learn about our approach to flute medicine;
  • continue practices after completing essential training;
  • learn in practice with the group;
  • learn other ways of playing and listening to the instrument;
  • share your experiences playing and teaching;
  • or simply listen to the flutes and meditate in silence.

During our meeting we developed practices of conscious breathing, mindfulness, contemplation, music and sharing.

In-person Native Flute Circle 1

Come and develop your musical expression with the flutes of the world and share your processes in a group. The circle of flutes is a cell that dreams of an active community of sowers that multiply as practitioners of intuitive music, where we can together generate stimuli, exchange experiences, nourish the soul and create music that touches the spirit.

Much empirical knowledge is effectively transmitted when experience is direct. The idea is that this space is welcoming, enhances the spontaneous musical development of practitioners, inspires and can contribute to everyone's well-being.


In-person Native Flute Circle 2


Flute artisan with more than 2000 flutes delivered. He develops an integrative teaching method for using flutes in therapeutic processes and meditative practices with an emphasis on the worldview of indigenous peoples. Considering flute music as medicine for the soul.