The Dual Series Native Flute is the Native American style flute with Drone, also known as Nave, this flute has a powerful vibrational and harmonic effect.


The Double Series Native Flute is part of our exclusive Flauta Nativa Ashar Native Flute (Native American Flute) collection. It is a medium and advanced level flute and can be produced with 5 or 6 holes for musical notes that reproduce the minor pentatonic scale.

We produce the Double Series Nativa flute in 2 formats, the "A" format being consecrated for allowing access to the tube of the holes with both hands, which allows to create flutes of greater length. In the "A" format we have 4 available tunings, with A (LA4) being the default. Then G (SOL4), F# (FA#) and finally E (MI4) with E being the longest and lowest sounding.  

The second format is the Flute Double River Cane which has the tubes in parallel. In this format there are 2 tunings available, A (LA4) and G (SOL4). For the tuning in A (LA4) we also created the 3D model, where the drone tube has 3 holes that allow you to play 4 drone notes, tonic, minor 3rd, 4th and 5th.  


The bamboo selected for these flutes is of high acoustic quality, with medium or thick thickness. The bamboos are cad in the shade for at least 6 months, treated and sealed to withstand the weather and variations in humidity, temperature and antifungal protection.


All Double Series Flutes have a wooden front mouthpiece. Nozzles are essential for fixing the position of the tubes.


The Double NAF Series has 2 types of finish that define the available models. Natural finish that highlights the raw material or finish with mahogany paint and graphics only available for the "A" format model. 3 layers of cad Indian shellac natural varnish are cad over the painting, leaving the flutes with a glossy finish.

In this series, the Double Flute River Cane is produced in A or G, in double flutes in "A" format you choose the tuning and other customizations on the flute page. We don't produce in quantity, we create the flute for YOU , with full attention to sound quality.

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