International purchase


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Countries Served

We are located with a physical address at Brazil (South America) and we currently ship to Germany, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Singapore, Denmark, Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, United Kingdom (UK), Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Uruguay and USA. Soon we will be shipping to other countries, if your country is not listed here, contact us so we can check availability.

Import Taxes and Fees

Each country has a policy of taxes and customs fees related to certain imported products, that are not included in the purchase on our website. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay the import duties and taxes related to the international purchase when it arrives in his country. Ashar Native Flute is not responsible for import duties and taxes applicable to the destination country.


All flutes for sale on the website are models created by us and serve as a reference for you to order your flute. We do not work with stock. It is not a mechanized process, each instrument is made one by one manually. When choosing a model to order your flute, we provide tuning and finishing options on the instrument page. If it is not possible to reproduce exactly the chosen model, we will present alternatives. Each instrument is unique and the process of creation and energy transferred to its materialization is a ritual in search of the state of the art and the capture of the best sound and finish that the raw material can offer. After ordering and approving payment, the flute will enter the production cycle. You will receive an email at each step of the process and you can also follow up by logging into your account on the website. Currently, the average period of our production, finishing and shipping cycle is 90 days, which may extend up to 180 days in some cases, due to the nature of the artisanal process, where we appreciate the maximum quality in each step, from the choice of material, tuning, testing and finishing. If the chosen item is marked with a prompt delivery stamp, the shipping period is 7 days.


Payment can be made at checkout on a credit card via PayPal, 2Checkout, or by direct bank transfer via Transferwise.


Our deliveries are made via EMS International, DHL Express, or FeDex, if available at the destination address. The freight charge will be calculated on the order checkout page. After informing the Country, the options and values for choosing the transport service will be shown. The shipping packaging is well protected. Take the utmost care and care to remove the instrument from its packaging.

International shipments made by DHL or FeDex have a Courier service that streamlines the entire customs clearance process for you and delivers to your door.


For international orders you have the option to choose USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD or JPY currencies to see the conversion value based on our reference currency which is BRL at the conversion rate of the day. At the top of the page you have the option to change currency. At checkout, checkout is carried out in the currency chosen to purchase and payment options will be available according to the country chosen in your registration.



Guarantee of finishes, such as painting and varnish or natural wear is restricted to 90 days. As for the instrument structure, we offer a 2-year warranty. Within this period, we accept sending the instrument for repairs, care and maintenance, as long as the customer pays the cost of transportation to our workshop. After 2 years, a maintenance fee will be charged for the instrument.


If, even before receiving your order, you regret your purchase, please contact WhatsApp: 21-99117-9232 or by Email: and communicate your withdrawal. The delivery of the order will be canceled and the amount paid will be refunded. If the order is already on the way to delivery, receive and resend it without opening the package and contact us to start the process of reversing the amount paid and reverse logistics.