The pifanos , pifaros or pife are quena transverse flutes well known in Brazil by the pife bands of the northeast. Brazilian natives also have their transverse flutes in the fife style in other scales. Some researchers believe that fifes arrived in Brazil at the time of colonization. Others believe it to be of indigenous origin. The fact is that in various parts of the world, native cultures developed their transverse flutes. The fifes usually have 7 holes, one for the embo cad and six for the notes, its scale is the largest natural.


The Pífano flute is produced in 5 tunings, the smallest flute tuned in C (DO) Alto, ideal for a first contact. Then we have tuning in B (SI), A (LA), G (SOL) and F (FA). The fife in G is the most used tuning and the fife in F is the lowest sounding.


The bamboo selected for these flutes is of high acoustic quality, without internodes, perfectly cylindrical and with medium to thick walls. The bamboos are cad in the shade for 6 months, treated and sealed inside and out with Indian shellac to withstand time and variations in humidity and temperature. In addition to protection against fungi.  


You can choose between 4 types of finishes on the outside of the flute, being natural bamboo, mahogany painting, black walnut painting or mahogany painting with tribal graphics. All flutes receive non-toxic varnish (Indian shellac) and colored protective threads that can be chosen on the flute page. Choose a model below and on the flute page you can choose the tuning. We don't produce in quantity, we create the flute for YOU, with full attention to sound quality.

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