River Cane Flute , is a tribute to the tradition of Native American flutes created with river cane bamboo (Arundinaria gigantean). This traditional Native American style flute was easily found among the native peoples of the southeastern United States. It is a flute with a narrow diameter and excellent sound, it has 5 holes maintaining the pentatonic scale and natural mouthpiece of the bamboo itself. We produce it with a more resistant bamboo maintaining the overall shape. River Cane Flute is apparently simple, but its sound has a special glow that touches and elevates us.


The River Cane Native Flute is a flute with 5 musical note holes, it has a whistle and the note holes are relative to the minor pentatonic scale. We produce the River Cane flute in 11 tunings, E Alto (MI5), D Alto (RE5), C Alto (DO5), B (SI), A (LA), G# (SOL#), G (SOL), F# (FA#), E (MI), D (RE) and C (DO), with E Alto being the smallest flute in length and highest tone and the C flute being the largest flute with the lowest tone.  


The bamboo selected for these flutes is of high acoustic quality, with medium thickness. The bamboos are cad in the shade for 6 months, treated and sealed to withstand time and variations in humidity and temperature. In addition to protection against fungi. The mouthpiece of the flutes is produced in the bamboo itself. This flute has a front whistle which makes it much easier to produce sound like a recorder.


All flutes receive non-toxic varnish (Indian shellac) and colored protective threads that can be chosen on the flute page. Choose a tuning and on the flute page you can choose the wire colors. We don't produce in quantity, we create the flute for YOU, with full attention to sound quality.

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