Our mission is to share and expand the magic of Ancestral Breath with the creation of handmade flutes made with inspiration and love. Easy to play, using the Native American Flute's blowing system, so that anyone can connect with this wonderful healing instrument. We make universal scales honoring and honoring the frequency of native peoples everywhere. We also carry out experiences, workshops, classes and impromptu circles. You can learn through our videos and gradually create your own repertoire of improvisations.

Our flutes are ideal for conducting relaxation, meditations, working with groups, therapeutic use, music therapy, art therapy, yoga, healing wheels, ceremonies and shamanic rituals. They work in the vibratory field of the fourth chakra, elevate us to a state of connection with the Great Mystery through the vibration of the element Air, which rises like a prayer and descends like a bird into our hearts.

We are currently located in Rio de Janeiro.

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