If you've made it here, I must tell you not to be shy about trying to play the Native American flute, especially if the sounds of those instruments are speaking to your spirit. Native flutes are some of the most beautiful and easy to play musical instruments in the world. Allow yourself to create a space for the flute to play with you.

For many of us who are not very familiar with music theory, the idea of ​​playing a native flute involves 'feeling' and 'inspired' during the learning process. This is how some of the most beautiful and heartfelt native flute music is born.

A beginner flutist does not need to know music theory or read sheet music to learn how to play these instruments. Imagine that hundreds, thousands of years ago none of this existed, but music has always existed, it has always been there all the time, you just need to quiet your mind to listen.

The fundamental characteristics of the Native American flute make it perfect for musical initiation within an intuitive, spontaneous, playful, meditative and therapeutic process.

In my process with the flutes, I identified 10 postures and practices that made a significant difference in my intuitive development with the flute and I would like to share them with you:


Create a space and time in the day, in the week to try the flute... start little by little 5, 10, 15 minutes...;


Tune in first, relax, breathe deeply and place your attention on the flow of breath before playing the flute;


Engage with the flute in the spirit of discovery and experimentation;


Blow the lowest note gently and for a long time, still paying attention to your breathing;


Practice the basic ascending and descending scale several times, starting very slowly and pausing on cad note to notice the intervals, distances, relationships and sensations cad by cad separate note and then with the cad notes;


Create different ways of weaving (weaving) the scale up and down;


Practice passing the scale notes guided by a pulse ( cad time) I recommend starting with 60 bpm. (metronome apps).


Take a day out of the week to forget about everything and just play the flute!


Play for a landscape, a tree, an animal, an emotion, play for you…


Start putting intention into playing the flute, play for peace on the planet, for love, for nature…

There are no limits to playing these instruments when the sounds come from the spirit itself. So please go ahead, it could be an experience that changes your life, just as it has changed mine.

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