If you got here, I must tell you not to be shy about trying to play the Native American flute, especially if the sounds of these instruments are speaking to your spirit. Native flutes are some of the most beautiful and easy to play musical instruments in the world, if you follow the basic rules that I teach in the videos. These instruments practically play.

For many of us who don't know music well, the idea of playing a native flute involves 'feeling' and being 'inspired' during the learning process. That is how some of the most beautiful and sincere native flute songs are born.

A beginner flutist does not need to know conventional music to learn to play these instruments. I think of the Native American flute as an instrument of musical self-expression. After I learned to let my mind out of the learning process, everything changed dramatically for me. I was able to relax and play small melodies in a short time and with almost no effort.

It is my hope to inspire people to play these flutes, so I made some simple videos, with basic techniques for playing the flute. My approach is improvisation and freedom, but for that we need to master some simple techniques, because mastering the instrument until we forget the techniques, is the way to play freely without doing "anything". It is also important, not to use too many effects and ornaments in improvisation, because with the native flute, the simple is the most powerful.

Then, you will see that the sky is the limit for playing these instruments when the sounds come from the spirit itself. So please go ahead, it can be an experience that changes your life, just as it has transformed mine.

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