The Native Flute is a very easy instrument to play. Even if you don't know anything about music, you will be surprised at what you can do in a short time, with little practice. You just need “heart”, and you will have a transformative experience.

Everything on Earth vibrates, has rhythm, sound and its own music, when we discover singing we penetrate the magic of charm, create a relationship and resonance with the essence. You also have a song, it is inside you, feel it and let it flow, you just need your heart!

In many soulful, shamanic cultures, the music of wind instruments are independent beings, who were handed over by divine ancestors to fulfill specific functions in invocations, rituals, ceremonies, parties ... The sound of the wind is the ancestral sound of the spirits of the winds. We are a vehicle to manifest the presence of something greater, and thus, we manifest with grace and beauty ancient voices of nature from all times. With this intention, reverence, humility and honor that we must approach these instruments, leaving the ego out, it will be possible to hear the breath of our soul.

The native flute is an instrument that quickly connects us to the ancestral breath, bringing stillness to the soul, feelings of peace, harmony, resonance with nature, meditative state, contemplative with Mother Earth and connection with the Great Mystery. It is impressive, when we started to play the flute, little by little, we started to value the silence, the intervals and intuitively awakened to a true listening, active and connected with the Primordial silence, from where all sound is born and flies, in the waves of the winds since the beginning of time.

A child can learn any language easily, being at its source, because language becomes natural, musicality is natural in human beings, and it can be developed or not. With original instruments (native), it is easier to connect with our ancestral matrix and rescue our musical self-expression, such as drums, rattles, flutes, among others.

My encounter with the Native Flutes, changed my relationship with music, made possible self-expression through a second voice capable of creating and expressing in a simple and amazing way, feelings that vibrate directly from the soul, sensations that hover in a subtle space where words live unspeakable. In our culture based on European musical traditions, the Native Flute takes the place of Healing Flute. Its simplicity and astonishment invites us to fly in a musical age before the concept of "right music" and "wrong music", in a place where music was for self-expression instead of performance, exhibition or entertainment.

With the Native Flute,

We can disconnect from the musical conditioning rooted in our culture of "right" and "wrong", and discover the magic of improvised music. With the Native Flute, there is no room for thinking of right and wrong notes, the idea is to create an intimacy with the flute to the point where the fingers slide without thinking and the music becomes an expressive extension of the breath. When playing a Native Flute, you will feel the magical and powerful effect that its simplicity and sound involve people and yourself, even if you consider that your improvisation was imperfect or inexperienced. We all have the right to share our vibration and to be heard, and with the Native Flute, we can redeem this right, in addition to having the opportunity to communicate our emotions in resonance with the other vibrations in the Universe.

  • Immediate relaxation
  • Active and keen listening
  • Respiratory Awareness
  • Increased Respiratory Capacity
  • Energy Alignment
  • Serenity
  • Silence Thoughts
  • Physical pain relief
  • Emotional pain relief
  • Presence Status
  • Awakens Creativity
  • Shamanic States of Consciousness
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Sound Massages
  • Sound Healing
  • Therapeutic Groups
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Musical education
  • Music therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Artistic Performance
  • Spiritual Retreats
  • Shamanic Rituals
  • Healing Wheels
  • Travels
  • Friends Circles
  • Storytelling

“When I play my flutes, my intention is to allow the healing music to come through me. so I become the hollow flute and the music plays me. ” Marina Raye

In the era of self-knowledge, the rescue of spontaneous expression and healing by sound is increasingly present. The flute is a wonderful way to awaken. More and more, quantum physics and the studies of cymatics, come closer to the native myths of origin, which in their symbolic language, reveal sound as a creator of worlds, that by breaking the sonic barriers, the elements were created and all existing forms of life.

The river cane flute (River Cane Flute) is a vital instrument in the culture, history and ceremonies of the people who lived on the banks of the Colorado River and the Gila River, such as the Navajos, Hopis, Hualapai, among others, in some myths of origin of these peoples, a long bamboo pipe was used to drill and pass from the underground world to the world we live in.

I believe that our ancestors, when observing nature and with a deep desire to communicate and interact with it, realized that the voice, our first instrument, was not enough, think that the jaw bone that enabled our form of vocal expression makes some 60 thousand years. The sound instruments emerged as a sacred and ritual tool capable of creating a vibrating bridge and connecting dimensions, spirits and kingdoms of nature making us active participants in the magic of cosmic movement!

The Power of the Native Flute 1

In the region of the Anasazi peoples, predecessors of the Pueblos peoples, located in the vast region where today is Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, called 'the four corners'. There was a Myth known mainly in the Hopi and Navajo cultures by Kokopelli.

Kokopelli, with his flute and apparent hunchback, is represented in the oldest petroglyphs in Southwestern North America, around 3000 years old. Some refer to him as a sage, a magician, a storyteller, a trickster, a curator, a teacher, a merchant, a God of the Harvest. But unanimity is in the power of fertility, ensuring success in crops, growth, and human conception. It was much evoked at the time of planting corn, to ensure a good harvest. The Navajos consider him the God of Harvest and Abundance. The Zuni as a priest of the Rain. Others regard him as a spiritual guide with real healing power. There are several legends about him.

“Play from the heart; the flute is a song of the heart… like a sweet prayer, and that will teach you, just as you teach yourself… ”Mato Wambli

Native Flute Collection

The Flauta Nativa website,

produces the flute of the style in the native North American, preserving the artisanal form, the basic structure of creation, sound and general anatomy, with freedom to innovate. We do constant research to bring the native essence of the instruments, honoring traditions and ancestry. The term “Native Flute” used on our website, refers to contemporary artisanal ethnic flutes, mainly related to the North American Indian flute style, created in the hands of non-native artisan Ralph Ashar. Our flutes are made with love and dedication, combining ancestral essence and innovation. Each flute is unique, there is no other like it!

The great differential of the flutes created in the style of the “Native American Flute”, is the blowing system with two chambers and in the middle the flute whistle is made in a way that does not need a mouthpiece to make sound, with little training it is possible to improvise , the second differential is the minor pentatonic scale which is extremely melodic and universal, facilitating improvisation and spontaneous musical expression.



The NAF (Native American) style flute is often used as music therapy in recent research in the USA, where these flutes are very popular, their use has shown great improvement in measurements of resilience to stress, asthma, anxiety, as well as post traumatic stress . It has also been shown to be effective in fighting depression. In general, impromptu meetings with the flute have been shown to increase the production of cancer-fighting cells.