Vertical support for 5 solid wood flutes with square base

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Square Vertical Support for 5 Flutes

Vertical support in high density wood for up to 5 flutes. Based on heavy wood (maçaranduba), it supports various types of large and quena flutes. Base 14 cm wide by 14 cm deep and 3 cm high, heavy round wooden pegs, 4 20 cm pegs and 1 25 cm high peg with a diameter of 1.5 cm. The bracket is shipped disassembled and the pins are press fit.

Pay attention that the diameter of the pin is 15mm, so for the flute to be fitted to the pin, its internal diameter must be more than 15mm, if you have a flute with an internal diameter smaller than 15mm, get in touch and let us know so we can make the pin with 1 cm in diameter.

Made to order, 30 day delivery time .

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