The Flute Shiva, has the Double Harmonic Major scale, also known as Hizazkiar (Hijazskiar), in India it is the Bhairav scale in the North and Melakarta in the South (Carnatic music). With this powerful mystical scale ready on the flute, it's much easier to learn to play and create melodies with a deep and dramatic sound. Immerse yourself in the transcendental atmosphere of the ancient music of the East and let your imagination flow through wonderful soundscapes.


The Shiva flute is produced in 5 different tunings, the smallest flute tuned in A (LA), ideal for a first contact with the instrument. Then we have tuning in G (SOL), F# (FA #), E (MI) and D (RE). Since the E and D flute is longer and has a more bass sound with greater spacing between the holes, ideal for those who already have practice with transverse flutes. On the Shiva flute we use the little finger on the flute's foot. Tunings from F# to D have the option to blow on the side which facilitates the position of the fingers.


The bamboo selected for Shiva flutes has thick walls, high strength and durability. The flute has two inner chambers separated by a bamboo knot or a cork wall which is the best natural seal. The bamboos are dried in the shade for 6 months, treated and sealed inside and out with Indian shellac to resist weather and variations in humidity and temperature, as well as protection against fungi. 


You can choose between 3 types of finishes on the outside of the flute, with OM graphics, Om Nama Shivaya or Om Nama Shivaya with Trishula on the flute's foot. All flutes receive non-toxic varnish (Indian shellac) and colored protective threads that can be chosen on the flute page. Choose a finish below and on the flute page you can choose the tuning. We don't produce in quantity, we create the flute for YOU, with full attention to sound quality. 

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