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When I play my flutes, my intention is to allow the healing music to come through me. then I become the hollow flute and the music plays me…
Marina Raye

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The Native Flute website produces the flute of the Native American style, preserving the craft form, basic structure of creation, sound and general anatomy, with freedom to innovate. We constantly research to bring the native essence of the instruments, honoring traditions and ancestry. The term “Native Flute” used on our site refers to contemporary handcrafted ethnic flutes, primarily related to the North American flute style, created in the hands of non-native artisan Ralph Ashar. Our flutes are made with love and dedication, combining ancestral essence and innovation. Each flute is unique, there is no other like it!

The great advantage of the flutes created in the style of the “Native American Flute” is the two-chambered blowing system and in the middle the flute whistle is made in a way that does not need a mouthpiece to make sound, with little training it is possible to improvise , the second differential is the smaller pentatonic scale which is extremely melodic and universal, facilitates improvisation and spontaneous musical expression.


Native Flute Experience at the Latin Congress of Art Therapy

Very proud to see that you have become a careful, talented and capricious Art Therapist. Happy to have participated in your training. Success Ralph Ashar.

Jussara Costa
Art Therapist

Native Flute Initiation Experience

A must see .. great experience do not miss !!!

Wagner Salvador
Acupuncturist Reiki Master

A unique experience. I loved it!

A unique experience. I loved it! Ralph passes the knowledge very clearly and still transforms the moment into something beyond. It was 2 days of poetry, discovery, reflection and music, but that music of the heart. In particular, it was a very important inner experience, something that is difficult to put into words. I'm very grateful.

Paulo Moré

It was a wonderful meeting

It was a wonderful meeting. I already had the flute but couldn't play it for over two years. With the mix of technique and great tips I made the connection with the magic sound of my flute. Gratitude Ralph!

Fatima Nunes's Chamber
Educating art

Experience of Native Flutes at the Latin Congress of Art Therapy

One of the highlights of the Congress is the Native Flute Workshop: An encounter with Ralph Ashar's ancestral breath. Careful work, exquisite, deep and very professional. Workshop held above all with the heart.

Denise Nagem
Art Therapist

Native Flute Initiation Experience

Super indicate the work of Ralph Ashar participate !!!

Claudia Estevez
Holistic Therapist

I found the experience amazing

I found the group experience amazing, from the preparation of the flute to the techniques used! Everything was instructed with great love and affection by Ralph. All materials used are of high quality, as well as the flute, excellent! I hope to attend other events! Gratitude!

Paula Ruffo

A long time ago it was a desire to play flutes

A long time ago it was a desire to play flutes.
And always what stopped me was precisely what you brilliantly told in the legend of the student and the master.
Persistence, even if it is in a single tune.
Ralph, I will be forever grateful for your work and honor your name wherever I walk with my flute.
Gratitude brother for your sharing.
I wait for the day of the experience for the shape of the flute.

Gratitude for being you !!

Ricardo L. Ricardo
IT manager


Touch from the heart; the flute is a song of the heart ... like a sweet prayer, and it will teach you, just as you teach yourself ... Mato Wambli

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