The Kawala is a flute native to Egypt, it has 6 holes and is tuned to the largest natural scale, the sound is made from the inclination of the flute under the lips forming an angle over the corner of the mouthpiece, it requires a lot of bitterness training to produce a sound satisfactory ... being possible to reach up to 3 octaves in some notes. When we master the mouth, the sky is the limit, it becomes an extension of the throat! It is one of the most simple and powerful flutes I have ever seen. Its origin takes us back to ancient Egypt and its structure, due to simplicity, gives the distinct feeling of being one of the first flute shapes created by mankind. For those who dream of playing Ney, we recommend starting with Kawala!

Although very similar to Ney, a highly popular flute in traditional Middle Eastern music, Kawala does not have a hole in the back like Ney. Kawala has a fundamental tonal structure for the Egyptian folk music community.

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Flauta Nativa Ashar
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