Bansuri (Hindi: बांसुरी) (Bangla: বাঁসুরী) is a transverse flute native to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, made from a single piece of bamboo with six or seven holes.

An ancient musical instrument associated with cowboys and pastoralist tradition, it is closely linked to the love story of Krishna and Radha, and is depicted in Buddhist paintings from around 100 AD. The word Bansuri originates from Sanskrit [bamboo] + swar [musical note].

Bansuri in North and Venu in South India are the flutes associated with Lord Krishna and spiritual awakening, a call to devotion. Stories portray Krishna's Bansuri having an enchanting effect not only on the women (gopalas) but also on the animals of the region.

The Bansuri is one of the best instruments for expressing the emotional subtleties of the Hindu Ragas, the pure and rich tones of the Bansuri are like an ongoing prayer, with the ability to deeply soothe and open the hearts of the listener and the flutist alike.


Bansuri 's tuning key is the pitch of the SA note, cad with the first three holes closed. We produce the Bansuri in 9 tunings, with the smallest flute tuned in C High (DO Alto) cad for a first contact and for people with small hands and fingers. Then we have tuning in B (SI), Bb (SI flat), A (LA), G (SOL), also cad for beginners. Then we have tuning in F (FA), E (MI), D (RE) and C Bass (DO bass) in length and serious sound with greater spacing between the holes ideal for those who already have experience with transverse flutes, as it requires training and adaptation. E (MI) being the consecrated tuning of schools and used by most solo Bansuri musicians.  


The bamboo selected for these flutes is native Indian bamboo from Assam ( Schizostachyum ) with high acoustic quality, no internodes, perfectly cylindrical and medium to thin walled. For the longer flutes (F, E, D and C Bass) we use bamboo imported directly from India and for the smaller flutes we use bamboo from the same family grown in Brazil. The bamboos are cad in the shade for at least 6 months, treated over fire and sealed inside and out with Indian shellac to resist time, humidity and temperature variations, in addition to protecting against fungus and cracking. We do not produce in quantity, the flute is created for YOU. Our flutes have professional concert quality, excellent volume, sound purity and timbre of the best bamboos!

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