Anasazi G Bass Flute – Natural Bamboo

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Flute Pueblo Anasazi G Bass – Natural Bamboo

The Pueblo Anasazi Flute is a vertical Rim Blow flute made of bamboo with a 6-hole fingerboard that allows you to easily assemble the major pentatonic scale with a range of 2 octaves. Its embo cad ura is similar to the Japanese Shakuhachi flute that allows you to perform micro tonal subtleties, blow harmonics and also play the second octave in all notes, in addition to producing relaxation in the muscles of the face. This is a flute with reference to the ancestral Amerindian peoples. The Pueblo flute has a high level of difficulty for a beginner flutist, but it is worth the effort.

  • Scale: Major Pentatonic
  • Material: Natural treated bamboo
  • Length: +- 80 cm
  • Finish: Bamboo treated, flambéed and protected with special oils, natural lacquer, waxed threads.

Made to order, average period of 60 working days for production and shipping. Handmade production, there may be quena variations in relation to the photo.

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