Heaven & Earth Flute – Native Double Stick Flute – Indian Bamboo – F

Heaven & Earth flute made of high quality knotless Indian bamboo with 95 cm

Double flute, drone (pedal) with a single piece of whole and knotless bamboo produced with high quality Indian bamboo with two resonance chambers coupled by a slow air chamber with lip holder and wooden tip to close the blow hole.

  • Tuning: FA (Root Note);
  • Finish: The flute is sealed inside and out with Indian shellac, adorned with dried citronella leaves and waxed threads;
  • Totem (Block): bamboo block (chimney) tied with leather threads;
  • Production and Shipping Deadline: 60 working days.

This flute is made to order with a production and shipping time of 60 working days. As it is a handmade product, photos may vary from the product delivered.

R$ 699.00


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