We are very happy to have the opportunity to make dreams come true and manifest the energy of exchange with balance and awareness. We support transparent humanitarian engagements dedicated to the service of vulnerable people, groups and communities. One is the Christ House, an association of a charitable nature, non-profit, of an ecumenical and humanitarian character, affiliated to the Fraternity - International Humanitarian Federation. A portion of your purchase will be donated to the solidarity project, purchase of food to serve people on the streets, families and affected communities.

Mitakuye Oyasin

For All Our Relationships!

If you made it this far, I encourage you to enjoy these wonderful wind instruments, so necessary to the moment we live in, and because we know the importance of our work, we continue daily in the workshop complying with all safety measures. We are located in a rural environment surrounded by great vegetation and fauna, away from close contacts. Orders are being sent by carriers that preserve security measures and can collect in our space to avoid leaving our protection area. As the collection system is fortnightly, the shipping period may increase.

Our flutes are created with love and dedication. With gratitude, we serve as an instrument to raise the vibration of life through bamboo wind instruments. It is a process of total integration with nature, sensitivity and respect for life. Each instrument is magnetized with the best that the nature of the material can offer. They are instruments of power, healing and expansion of consciousness, for people who seek joy, harmony and spiritual connection through music and breathing, in this high vibration that we seek to establish a relationship of trust. If you felt the call to purchase one of our flutes, give it to us and trust!

As it is a handmade 100%, in addition to the craftsman having to be “in tune” with appropriate energy to manifest the process, taking into account the care for the final quality of the instrument, it is important to know that your instrument may take a considerable time to be born, and may exceed the average deadlines reported on the website. And that is part of the artisanal and energetic process.

After placing your order, avoid anxiety, which is natural when we expect something desired, but from experience, I can tell you that anxiety will not help materialize your instrument, and getting rid of it will help us create a high atmosphere for the birth of his flute. Delivery times are relative, as they depend on many natural and energetic factors, so trust. If you usually have little patience with life, I can assure you that the native flute is the ideal instrument for your awakening. The healing process of the human instrument and the flute started when his heart felt the call. The mastery of those who have made more than 500 flutes and their total devotion to this ancestral art, testifies to what is said above.

It's done is a good thing!

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Ashar Singh

Good winds!