In 1952, a German physicist named Winfried Otto Schumann found that the Earth is surrounded cad a powerful electromagnetic field. This field forms between the ground and the lower part of the ionosphere, has a resonance that is relatively constant in the order of 7.83 pulsations per second and has earned the nickname of the heartbeat of the Earth.

According to NASA, every cad about 2,000 storms roll over the Earth, producing about 50 lightning strikes every cad . Cad burst of lightning creates electromagnetic waves that begin to circulate around the Earth trapped between the Earth's surface and a boundary about 60 miles above. Some of the waves, if they have the right wavelength, combine, increasing in strength, to create a repetitive atmospheric heartbeat known as a Schumann resonance.

This resonance provides a useful tool for analyzing Earth's climate, its electrical environment, and even helping to determine what types of atoms and molecules exist in Earth's atmosphere. Scientists have found that variations in resonances correspond to changes in the seasons, solar activity, activity in Earth's magnetic environment, water aerosols in the atmosphere, and other Earth-related phenomena.  

Most animals, both vertebrates and invertebrates, have within their cells a constant electrical activity of extremely low frequencies that can vary from 5 to 45 Hertz. The origin of this electrical activity is unknown, but some studies suggest that it came from the electrical fields observed in the atmosphere. The researchers claim that for billions of years, during the evolutionary history of living organisms on Earth, natural electromagnetic resonant frequencies in the atmosphere generated by lightning activity, provided the background electrical fields for the development of electrical activity in cells. Regardless of differences in brain size and complexity, many different types of species exhibit low-frequency activities similar to those seen in the atmosphere.

Herbert König, who became Schumann's successor at the University of Munich, demonstrated a correlation between Schumann resonances and brain rhythms. ) recordings with natural electromagnetic fields in the environment and found that the first five Schumann resonances, 0-35 Hz, were within the same frequency range as the brain waves in a human EEG and the signal 7.8 Hz was very close to the alpha rhythm frequency of the brain.

With this, several scholars on the subject argue that listening to the 7.83 Hz frequency helps to align with the frequency of the “heartbeat of the Earth” and that this brings us direct benefits. This harmony tunes us to the Earth through brain waves, which causes our brain to produce more desirable eur and provide a greater sense of well-being.   

It was observed that the physical condition of the first astronauts deteriorated severely while they were in space because they were far from the Schumann Resonance. This problem was alleviated with the introduction of the “Schumann Simulator” on the space shuttles, a magnetic pulse generator that mimics the frequency of the Earth. This is one of the main proofs that we cannot be aud when we are disconnected from the “natural biological frequency”.

Many experts believe that the broad spectrum of artificial EMF radiation, coming from human technologies, distorts the Earth's beneficial natural frequency or resonance. Electrical pollution can make us feel more stressed, anxious, exhausted, irritable and “off balance”. Laboratory research has shown that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance has beneficial effects, as it increases the cells' immune protection and decreases the absorption of toxins and chemicals that cause depression. Some researchers believe that by producing a 7.83 Hz signal with a field generator (Schumann device), we can reduce the irritating and disharmonious effects of artificial fields.

In conclusion, scientists suggest that by replicating the Earth's natural rhythm, we may be providing a aud environment as people experience benefits such as improved learning and memory, body rejuvenation, balance, improved stress tolerance, grounding and this in us. shows how important it is to be in tune with the Earth's magnetic frequency.



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