A long time ago, there was a young native who wanted to court the girls of the village. But there was a problem, he only loved one girl.

One day he went to wait for her at the river, in the place where they fetched water in the morning, and when she arrived their eyes met, but she, sensing the young man's desire, gave a smile and said:

Who do you think you are? Do you think I would marry you? A simple dweller among tents who doesn't even have his own tent? Absurd. And with wicked words and insults, she made him very ashamed.

The girl was the daughter of a great chief and looked with abomination at the poor young man, and went away carrying his water.

The young man stood there thinking, “She has caused me great shame; It would be so nice if I died right away.”

So, at dawn, he shot an arrow to the north and walked in the same direction. At night, when he was about to rest, he found a fat moose immobilized by the arrow he shot. He took a piece of meat, roasted it and ate it. After he had eaten, the pain in his heart was somewhat eased; And very tired he soon fell asleep.

So for four days: at dawn he would shoot an arrow and at dusk he would find a moose wounded by the arrow. He would kill the animal, roast the meat and eat it, until finally he felt a little happier.

On the fourth night, he thought, "I guess I could go home", but suddenly he heard human voices coming from the grove of trees. Expecting the worst he thought, “Even if they kill me, what is it! It is death that I seek.” But as they got closer, he heard they were talking about Dakota.

One of the two said, "Buddy, give it to him," but the other replied, "No, buddy, you give it to him." Again, the first one spoke: “Friend, you speak better than me.” Again, the other refused, "But, no, friend, you tell him."

At last they stood within the fire-lit circle, and wonder of wonders, the youth saw that they were men of inexhaustible beauty, and as they stood there, their bodies seemed to emit shimmering light.

Finally, one spoke zen : “Boy, we sure know you have a lot of pain in your heart, but a second time it won’t happen – listen well!”

They took out a long flute and one of them started to play. From the mouth of this flute, which was made like a billfish, came a sweet piercing sound.

So they said to him: “Take this with you, boy, and go to your village.
At midnight, when the people are sleeping, go across the field playing this flute, and it will surely come to pass that all the women will rise and follow you.” Then the two handsome men turned and, lo and behold, the young man saw two elk disappearing into the trees.

The young man returned home, and while the people slept, he walked among the tents playing the flute. As the music traveled through the air, the women emerged, dragging their blankets, and began to follow him. They surrounded him fascinated by the melody of the flute, but he ignored them all, marveling at the sound of the flute.

A girl repeatedly approached him, saying, “ zen , don't you remember me? I am the chief's daughter. “But he only heard the wonderful sound that came from the mouth of the flute.

One girl, however, did not join the crowd. She sat alone quietly outside her tent. And it was she that the young man sought.

It was a beautiful wedding!

It is said that this boy was the original moose.

Among the Dakotas, the moose symbolizes beauty, virility, virtue and masculine charms. It is sometimes said of a man that he is a moose. This is high praise.

Save the magic of Siyotanka! Save Moose medicine!

Everything is connected, today and always.

The origin of the Siyotanka flute 1

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